<br/>Photo: Russell Gera / Director Noterdaeme at his Desk 
Director Noterdaeme at his Desk
Photo: Russell Gera

Staff & Security Department / Master Bedroom

Furnished with a large desk, bookshelves and a king-size bed, this room is the inner sanctum of HoMu BKLYN. Here, Director Noterdaeme does most of his work and holds court while lying in bed.

Taking a cue from René Magritte's 1937 painting, La Reproduction Interdite, Noterdaeme had a closed-circuit TV system installed to be able to always watch his back when working at his desk.

The Staff and Security Department is also home to Coyote Florence, HoMu's Director of Public Relations, who intersperses discussions between Noterdaeme and his visitors with wisecracks and words of wisdom.