<br/>Photo: Coolio Studio / Permanent Visitor II, 2007 
Permanent Visitor II, 2007
Photo: Coolio Studio

Visitors' Comments

"The Homeless Museum is a great madcap and necessary project; I have every faith that it will survive and flourish despite (or even as a result of) the vagaries of New York real estate. I look forward to further chicken wing expansions and additional terrible puns."
- Colby Chamberlain (Managing Editor, Cabinet Magazine)

"My experience at HoMu was truly extraordinary. I never felt such a breeze of surrealism so welcome. Please, do not stop this project ever!"
- Pablo Helguera (Author of "The Pablo Helguera Manual of Contemporary Art Style")

"I had a very interesting experience. I left the Homeless Museum and outside was a homeless man picking bottles for redemption from the garbage cans. My membership was immediately fulfilled. I was celebrating the drunken Jewish holiday of Purim that day and previous night. There is a special commandment on Purim to give to the poor. I did not realize how significant it would be for me to come to HoMu on that day and to leave at that exact moment, that Jewish history and meaning would reveal itself on Clinton Street through the Museum's brilliance and that man's big smile."
- Sandi Dubowski (Director of the feature documentary "Trembling Before God")

"It was really fun to explore HoMu. The concept is brilliant, the exhibits are amazing, the audio tour is delightful, and the food was fabulous. I look forward to future events."
- William Niederkorn

"I have cherished the time that I have spent at HoMu. The Chicken Wing, Florence Coyote, and the Homeless Simulator will be forever ingrained in my puny brain. As for Madame Butterfly, there is none other like her. Her sophisticated beauty and artistic sensibility were, and will forever be, unparalleled."
- Richard Fulco

"Visiting HoMu is a life event I will never forget. At first walking up the stairs and being greeted by Madame Butterfly in full regalia was unnerving but finally the concept of this avant-garde 21St Century satiric view of museums, homelessness and homosexuality proved stimulating and provocative."
- Robin Ziegelbaum

"It is a true gift to society, in this day of isolation, to be able to pop into a stranger's bedroom (I mean the Director's office) and find such wisdom and humor."
- Leslie Dumont

"Light flooding the bedroom and the exceptionally attractive boychild perched on the ladder is asking questions of the Museum Director in his own language which I do not understand. The Museum Director is dying yet he is still reading. He tells the boychild that he still has so much to learn. Museum Director translates the boychild's next question, "If you are dying, what do you have left to learn?" "That is an excellent question," the Museum Director states. (...) Looking out the window at the Chicken Wing, bouncing up and down the breeze. So lovely against the silver of the roof. The cold silver winter light hitting the red spice on the wing. The memory of this is making me salivate. (...) I have had trouble giving money to homeless people on the street. It embarrasses me and makes me feel powerless. Never enough. I know that the money I give will not fix the broken parts. Luck of the draw and I ended up with the cash. Something happened and they ended up asking strangers for "change." Giving the homeless my HoMu membership fee makes it easier. I am detached from my own feelings, from the futility and powerlessness."
- A. Fluffy Bunny