<br/>Photo: Tom Cinko / Ciggie Break 
Ciggie Break
Photo: Tom Cinko

The Ciggie Break

Who wouldn't appreciate a homemade smoke like that? We like to think of it as the tastiest post-rollover treat there is, and, unlik eother museums, encourage smoking in our galleries. At HoMu, we are offering our own exclusive Director's Cut Edition, but you can create your own special blend at home if you follow this recipe, be it brunette or blonde, curly or straight.


  • Cigarette paper (with or without filter, according to your preference)
  • Fresh-cut facial, body or pubic hair, about 1 teaspoon per cigarette

Using your finest scissors, cut the accumulated hair into about 1 inch length strands. Then fill the cigarette paper with the hair mix as you would with tobacco.

This alternative, very potent smoke is guaranteed to be as unforgettable to you as to anyone in your vicinity. Studies have shown that Director's Cut cigarettes do not cause any kind of dependency, nor will their consumption cause lung cancer. What's more, since you will depend on truly organic harvesting, supply will be limited according to your genetic predisposition. We have heard of enthusiasts who have stricken up deals with barber salons, but we prefer the personal note that can only come from homegrown harvests.