Discomfort Food
Authentic Recipes from the Homeless Museum (2006)

Limited edition of 25 cookbooks written by HoMu Director of Development Madame Butterfly, with a foreword by Director Noterdaeme.

Discomfort Food is a collection of illustrated recipes from Café Broodthaers, printed on leaflets and presented in hollowed-out vintage hardcovers.

Read Madame Butterfly's introduction here.
Read Director Noterdaeme's Foreword here.

Outreach Program (HoMu Bread)

Main Course (Eggs, Mussels & Milk à la Broodthaers)

Dessert (Haacke n Das)

Staff Meal (Dusted Yoghurt)

Candy (HoMu Lollipop)

Ciggie Break (Director's Cut)

Survival Kit (How to Make Dough)

In addition, each copy contains a vial with 5g of live culture.