/ Campaign Flier for <i>Penniless at the Modern</i><br> 
Campaign Flier for Penniless at the Modern

Penniless at the Modern

In November 2004, upon the completion of the Museum of Modern Art's $858 million renovation and expansion, Noterdaeme organized a protest action against the museum's new $20 entry fee.

On November 17, he crashed a VIP opening party at MoMA to distribute leaflets that mocked the museum's "Manhattan is Modern Again" newest slogan, changing it to "Manhattan is Robbed Again." This led to a confrontation with MoMA Director Glenn Lowry, which was written up by critic Carol Vogel in the The New York Times. Read a transcript of the entire article here.

On November 21, Noterdaeme and 20 supporters visited the newly renovated Museum, each of them paying the $20 admission in rolls of pennies, adding 40,000 coins to MoMA's cash flow.

Read the press release here.

Read Noterdaeme's critique of the New MoMA here.