/ Benificiaries of HOP, Central Park, NYC 
Benificiaries of HOP, Central Park, NYC

HoMu Outreach Program (HOP)

In January 2006, the Homeless Museum set up its own sourdough bread starter (called "mother" in baker's jargon). Since then, this starter has been used as the base for the HoMu Outreach Program (HOP), which is specifically aimed to serve New York City's neglected pigeon population.

Every week, using half of the "mother," Madame Butterfly bakes a loaf of whole-wheat sourdough bread (adorned with the HoMu logo) in the kitchen of HoMu BKLYN's Café Broodthaers. After baking, each loaf of bread is cut in half: one half is fed to pigeons in New York City's parks, the other is reserved for the museum's staff.

A recipe for the HoMu Bread has been included in HoMu's limited-edition cookbook, Discomfort Food. Read the recipe here.