Fat Minimalism (2007)

For Grand Arts' Summer group show, From the Fat of the Land, Noterdaeme fashioned four sculptures out of rendered chicken fat and displayed them in a stainless steel-and-glass refrigerator that carries the Homeless Museum's logo, HoMu. The four sculptures, all liberal copies of existing minimalist sculptures, are accordingly called Fat Morris, Fat Judd, Fat McCracken, and Fat Andre.

"Minimalism has been appropriated by commerce and lost its radical edge. Fat Minimalism seeks to reintroduce minimalism and take a stance against the comfort zone that has devalued it. To achieve this, I am using rendered chicken fat, a material that clashes with the reigning aesthetic standard. These sculptures cannot be appropriated. The refrigerator guarantees that they keep their shape. Exposed to room temperature, they would lose their rigid form and melt."
- Filip Noterdaeme