/ Director Noterdaeme at the High Line in Chelsea 
Director Noterdaeme at the High Line in Chelsea

HOMU Under & On the High Line

From November 2009 to May 2012, the Homeless Museum of Art (HOMU) had a weekly presence under the High Line. Seated at a stylized makeshift booth reminiscent of Lucy's "Psychiatric Help" booth from the popular Peanuts Series by Charles Schultz and aided by his sidekick Florence, a taxidermied Coyote, HOMU Director Filip Noterdaeme invited passersby to take a seat on one of the two museum visitors' chairs for intimate conversations about the art world and a cerebral show-and-tell of highlights from the Homeless Museum of Art. Moments of irreverence, wistfulness and witty repartee interloped as Noterdaeme engaged his visitors and played out his freewheeling character to the fullest.
Then, in June 2012, Noterdaeme was invited by High Line co-founder Robert Hammond to bring his act to the High Line, above 23rd Street, for an exclusive one-month residency.

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