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HoMu Public Relations Director Florence Coyote


Is it a Tell-All?
"In the wake of the upcoming release of my first book, The Autobiography of Daniel J. Isengart (published by OUTPOST19), friends and colleagues, some more concerned than others, have asked me, "Is it a tell-all?" In lieu of a straight answer, I have opted to refer to an Emily Dickinson quote: "Tell all the truth but tell it slant."
The Huffington Post, February 25, 2013
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A Tenderly Revelatory Chronicle
The son of a Belgian diplomat, provocateur Filip Noterdaeme credits his adolescence in embassies-where decorum ambiguates representation and reality-as his initiation into the theatre of the absurd. Parody and more pointed institutional critique, such as founding The Homeless Museum of Art, has been Noterdaeme's tendency ever since. His memoir, The Autobiography of Daniel J. Isengart, is itself a work of subterfuge. But it is also a tenderly revelatory chronicle. The book hits stores tomorrow-get a taste today on HENRY, where Noterdaeme's partner Daniel J. Isengart reads from the autobiography bearing his name.
- Henry Review, March 14, 2013
Read an interview with Filip Noterdaeme and watch Daniel J. Isengart read an excerpt from the book here.

"Together, we are, as I write in The Autobiography, "simply complicated." It's a force to reckon with."
"I knew very well what the museum world looked like from the outside and inside. I felt detached from yet committed to it. I fixed a cool, dry gaze upon its machinations and took it as my main subject."
- Statement of Record -- Writer & Artist Registrar (Statorec), March 5, 2013
Read the full essay by Filip Noterdaeme here.

Meet Filip Noterdaeme, Legendary Collector And Director of The Homeless Museum Of Art
Noterdaeme assumes an alter ego as HoMu's eccentric director, part uppity art insider, part illiterate madman, part perceptive shaman. - Priscilla Frank
The Huffington Post , July 27, 2012
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Artists Gotta Moonlight to Make it
Noterdaeme says, "It's the multimillion dollar phenomenon that I spoof, that I deride, that I love, and that, as a moonlighter, I work for." (...) "Our society is geared so that we continuously ask 'What is the value,' 'What is it worth,' 'What are you worth?' There's always this power relationship." He then pauses, saying, "When I go out there and perform I can take all of that away." - Kathleen Massara
The L Magazine, June 4, 2010
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Deviant Inspiration
"Though Noterdaeme's HOMU project is a thorough and dedicated means to raise critical questions about the role that contemporary art institutions should play in society, he has not fallen into the trap of taking himself or his art too seriously. Gesturing toward the permanent collection in HOMU's Main Hall, he breaks into a smile and says, 'I'm doing this because I can--Je m'amuse! HOMU is not an anti-museum, nor for that matter, an alternative museum, but more of a deviant museum. In the land of no alternatives, deviance is divine.' " - Ashley Rawlings
Riksutställningar, Swedish Traveling Exhibitions, May 2010
Read the full article at www.riksutstallningar.se

Not Just Two Faggots Decorating Their Apartment
"A contrarian couple have turned their Brooklyn Heights pad into a museum--complete with wall text and guided tours." - Sophie Harris
Time Out New York , HOME DESIGN Issue (#733, Oct 15-21, 2009)
Read the full article and watch the slide show at www.newyork.timeout.com

A Museum With No Exhibit But Plenty of Ideas
"Perched between art and poverty, drawing attention to both." - Lily Koppel
The New York Times, November 2, 2008
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Cosmetic Fix
"[Noterdaeme] came up with a fund-raising scheme....He launched a limited-edition line of custom cosmetics named after some of the artists represented at the Barnes [Foundation]: Renoir Pink, Picasso Black, Van Gogh Yellow and Cézanne Brown." - Lamar Clarkson
Art News, February 2008

Live Like a Crazy: 'The Homeless Museum' Is Now 'The Homeless Museum Of Art.'
"[Noterdaeme] is also famous for writing letters to people like Ronald Lauder, president of the Neue Galerie..." - Sheila McClear
Gawker, December 12, 2007
Read the article online at gawker.com

The Art of Museum Critique
"Noterdaeme also asked Wilson about an upcoming director's presentation titled, "Installation Is Marketing." "Indeed," he asked, "whose interest is the museum serving when the main focus seems to be on deploying marketing strategies?"- Alice Thorson
The Kansas City Star, July 22, 2007
Read a transcript for the article here or check it out on the Kansas City Star's website.

"The cleverest critic of NYC museums is artist Filip Noterdaeme." - Tyler Green
Modern Art Notes, February 21, 2007

"HoMu combines wry Dada absurdity and riotous performance with a razor-sharp concept." - Brice Brown
The New York Sun, January 12, 2007

A Museum That's Part Serious and Part Send-up
"HoMu BKLYN is an elaborate and meticulous sendup of the contemporary museum world: you feel as if you were part of a mockumentary directed by Christopher Guest of 'Waiting for Guffman' and 'Best in Show" fame.'" - Dan Shaw
The New York Times, January 7, 2007
Read the entire article here or check it out in the New York Times online archive.

Homelessness Begins At Home
"HoMu engages visitors in the experience of looking at art by placing it in a context so intimate there's no choice but to participate, so absurdly unpretentious that no one is intimidated." - Samantha Topol
The Believer Magazine, December 2006/January 2007
Read the entire article here or check it out in the Magazine's online archive.

In June 2006, KCUR's Laura Spencer interviewed Filip Noterdaeme about HoMu Cribs, an exclusive one-day-only museum displayed in private homes, or cribs, in Kansas City.
Listen to the interview online here.

"Perhaps HoMu will signal a shift, and art museums will once again be about art." - David Friedlander
Columbia Daily Spectator, October 11, 2006

In March 2006 at DIVA (Digital Video Art Fair), Raul Zamundio interviewed Filip Noterdaeme for Art After Dark, a video series produced by the Artist Network, New York.
Watch the interview online at here

"Noterdaeme uses homelessness to critique what he sees as a haughty high-art scene and a society capable of simultaneously producing homeless people and elite art galleries." - Vincent Trivett
The L Magazine, Feb 15-26, 2006

"HoMu is absurd and unsettling." -Liz Webster
Time Out New York, December 29/2005-January 4, 2006