<br/>Photo: Andreas Brunglinghaus / Director Noterdaeme 
Director Noterdaeme
Photo: Andreas Brunglinghaus

Discomfort Food

Authentic Recipes from the Homeless Museum

The Homeless Museum in Brooklyn is proud to offer discomfort food to all its visitors. At HoMu BKLYN, there is no dividing line between the art works on display and the items we offer our visitors for consumption. They are both a direct reflection of the Museum is philosophy. Everything at HoMu is about culture, the art as well as the food. Madame Butterfly and I would never offer our visitors anything as ordinary as cafeteria fare at our in-house Café, Café Broodthaers. Neither do we aim to dazzle our visitors with fancy and expensive dishes. As a matter of fact, since our admission policy (Pay-What-You-Weigh, 1˘ per pound) is all-inclusive, the food served at the Café is free of additional charge.

I hope that Madame Butterfly's recipes will inspire you to create and cultivate culture in your own kitchen the way we do here at HoMu. Follow her advice, and you will discover a new, sophisticated culinary world where pleasure and discomfort go hand in hand.

If the Homeless Museum is a shelter for the muses, then its Café Broodthaers is a soup kitchen for the art world. To quote Eleanor Roosevelt, we are here to comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.

- Filip Noterdaeme