<br/>Photo: Tom Cinko / HoMu Lollipop 
HoMu Lollipop
Photo: Tom Cinko


HoMu Lollipop

This is one of our bestselling items at the HoMu shop. Find your inner child in harmony with grown-up demands for dental care in this orange-flavored candy with that extra deep-cleansing finish.


    • 4 cups of white sugar
    • 1 tablespoon of corn syrup
    • 1 organic orange, washed
    • 2-3 drops of orange food coloring
    • 4 ounces of solid glycerin soap


    Candy thermometer, lollipop molds (optional), 5-inch lollipop sticks or wooden sticks, lollipop mold or parchment paper.


    Slice the soap 1/4 inch-thick pieces. Using a wedding ring, cut out small rounds, about 1 1/2 inches in diameter. Press a tip of a lollipop stick into each of them and place the stick into round lollipop molds or, if you choose to create free-form candy, on a sheet pan lined with parchment paper.

    Pour sugar and corn syrup into a pot. Add the food coloring. Using a peeler, carve 5 wide strips of peel from the orange and add them to the sugar for flavoring. Slowly pour two cups of water over it; swirl the water around to soak the sugar. Cover with a lid and bring to a boil over medium heat. When the steam rattles the lid, take it off and insert the candy thermometer. Continue cooking the syrup at medium high heat until it reaches the hard crack stage, reached at a temperature of 300 Fahrenheit. Remove the orange skins and pour the hot syrup into the candy molds. To do this, use a funnel whose opening you can block with the end of a wooden spoon to control the flow of the syrup. For free-from candy, simply pour a small quantity of syrup over the soap-slices-on-a-stick. Wait until the candy is completely hardened; then wrap the lollipops individually in cellophane.